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"I just wanted take a moment to let you know how appreciative I am of the care and attention my two puppies, Duke and Inido, and I received during our first visit there yesterday. Dr. Vrooman was especially attentive in explaining everything and the fact that he had two Weimars growing up made me feel much more comfortable that he was aware of the difficulities Weims have with vaccinations. Everyone on your staff I met was very polite and they all took turns holding my pups. It's nice to see people who enjoy their jobs so much and it really shows. I am frequently asked by my clients if I could recommend a veterinarian in the area. Through my own experience, those of my staff and conversations with other clients I have developed a list of highly recommended practices and those we sadly don't recommend. Beach Pet is at the top of the list for recommended practices and I will give my clients my personal endorsement after yesterday.

It's comforting to know we have such a nice veterinary practice in this area and that's it's run by such courteous, knowlegdable, professional and genuinely nice people. Well done!"

- Dan Stallings Thee Dog House, Inc

Beach Pet Hospital Virginia Beach, VA Testimonials"Beach Pet Hospital has cared for our two 9-year old Alaskan Malamutes since 1999. The quality of care, affection and services provided whenever needed and desired have never failed to impress us. It was particularly warming to see the demonstrated depth of care given and outstanding follow-up provided as one of our dogs developed a seizure disorder which defied usual and customary treatment. He now has been seizure-free for over 18 months and medication managed in such a manner as to maintain quality of life. Beach Pet Hospital maintains an environment of warmth, compassion and quality of care treating your animals as significant members of your family. We have not only recommended the Beach Pet Hospital to our friends but have again relied on their services as we recently adopted a 7 year-old Labrador/Collie mix from the SPCA. His first stop on the way home was the "Beach Pet Hospital"! Wonderful staff dedicated to the care of our extended family and our pets."

- Nicolas D Yamodis, MD

Beach Pet Hospital Virginia Beach, VA TestimonialsI can never give enough praise to the wonderful doctors and staff at Beach Pet Hospital. They have been with us for over 15 years and seen us through countless crises with dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Each client is treated as if they are uniquely special to the practice. Tender loving care is devoted to each animal as they come through the doors of their wonderful facility. There is a special bond that develops between you, your pet and the doctors and staff. 

About 6 years ago we had 2 dogs diagnosed with cancer less than a year apart. Nestor, our beagle, lived 6 months following surgery and chemotherapy. When Fluppy, our mixed breed, came along with a similar diagnosis, we were totally taken by surprise. This time we went a step further with an experiemental surgery at NC State in conjunction with treatment at Beach Pet. As long as Flupy was happy and pain free we would continue and do anything in our power to help her with her struggle. Through countless emergencies and multiple visits, Fluppy lost her battle after many tears of joy and sorrow. We were and still are eternally grateful to Beach Pet for all their care and support for helping us have that additional time with Fluppy and taking exceptional care of all of our animals. 

Beach Pet Hospital Virginia Beach, VA TestimonialsWe have a houseful of animals as our animals are such an important part of our lives. They offer us unconditional love and enrich our lives. Their memory will remain in our hearts forever as well as our thanks and appreciation to Beach Pet. The doctors and staff at Beach Pet offer understanding and compassion in their dedication and care to all their patients and families. WE LOVE YOU BEACH PET!

- The Tompkins Family

Goodness, where to begin? We moved to Virginia Beach in 1986 with a dog and two cats, Mandy, Skipper and Elise. Friends of my husband recommended their vet, who happened to be less than a mile from our new house. But that first visit, with three animals who had just moved here from the Azores didn’t click for any of us. I met Dr. Ed Schoen and although the clinic on Virginia Beach Boulevard was “a fur piece” from our house, I loved bringing my pets to him and his staff. You can imagine my fear and trepidation when Dr. Schoen announced he was retiring and selling his practice!

Doctor Vrooman was a perfect match for Beach Pet Hospital. He has the same deep respect for his patients and their humans that made me want to make the drive to get the best possible care for my kids. I think the combination of his own love for animals and his willingness to share his knowledge to help us be better pet parents is why even with a gravely sick or injured pet I have never hesitated to ask his advice. And that sharing has lead to an expanded practice filled with doctors, techs and staff who all have the same delight in being able to help our pets enjoy their lives with us. Dr. Vrooman has created the equivalent of a teaching hospital for pets, where every professional who works here, whether they stay or move on, carries on the tradition of caring.

In over 20 years I have often walked through the doors of Beach Pet with a new family member that I couldn’t wait to introduce to this group of trusted caregivers. I don’t even want to count the number of times I held a dying pet and faithful friend in my arms, trying to give him a safe and loving sendoff. But each time the doctors and staff of BPH have been there to help my pets, and me get through both the trying and the fun times. “Best of the Beach” doesn’t even scratch the surface. Thank you all!

November 8, 2006

Dear Doctor Vrooman, D.V.M.

You and your staff have taken wonderful care of our pets for many years. The last was “BO” Anderson, a black female Lab that had to be put down several years ago. Dr. Upchurch cared for Bo and performed an operation that gave us almost another year with a pet that had become one of the family.

Last December, almost two years since we lost Bo, we decided it was time to once again have a pet in the Anderson household. We checked the classified, kennels, breeders, SPCA, and finally purchased a four-month-old Shih Tzu (Beau) at a pet store. The veterinarian that performs the primary physicals for pets sold at that facility offered a follow-up care package that we accepted. Beau subsequently developed a rash and was repeatedly treated with shots and powder. I thought the cause of the rash should be identified rather than simply treating the symptoms, but I did not prevail. Consequently, I had Beau’s records transferred to Beach Pet Hospital in October of this year.

As luck would have it, our first appointment was with Dr. Elizabeth Upchurch. After examining Beau, her primary objective was to determine the cause of the rash rather than simply treat the symptoms. (We are currently in the process of eliminating possible causes). I cannot say enough about the care and compassion shown by Dr. Upchurch. We were never hurried and she made a special effort to make certain that I understood the pros and cons of Beau’s situation.

About a week later, it was time for Beau to get a haircut and a bath and we decided to go to Club Pet, where we met Donna McPherson. Once again “care and compassion” in great abundance was displayed. I truly think Beau bonded with Donna more than with the Anderson family!

You are to be commended for putting together a team like we have seen at Beach Pet Hospital. I’m certain that as we are introduced to other members of your staff, Beau will be treated with the same compassion and professionalism displayed by Dr. Upchurch and Ms. McPherson. It’s great to be back!


Dick and Jean Anderson

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